London Fashion Week: A Frenzi Interpretation

As the London Fashion Week 2016 preparations get underway, and the city is filled with the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, Frenzi looks to reinvent the medium and offer consumers the opportunity to win a better-priced and more approachable style guide to keeping up with the upcoming trends.

With new and modern fashion sweeping the streets of London in the coming week, everyone is looking for an opportunity to break through, stand out and stay on top of the style frenzy

*We want it all and we want it now*

The Frenzi app gives you the chance to feel effortlessly relevant and fashion-forward, while on a budget. By co-operating with numerous established and up-and-coming high-street fashion brands that are appealing and well-known to the general public, Frenzi makes you feel like you are part of London Fashion Week.

Fashion retailers are one of the biggest and most important parts of Frenzi. With brands such as Miss Selfridge, and Missguided, you get a fashion-forward array of fresh and modern options to keeping up with the new season trends, such as the ones presented at London Fashion Week.

*You know what to do, now*

The available high-street brands on Frenzi give fashionistas an equal opportunity to stand out and be on top of their style game. They can still communicate the story and vibe of London Fashion Week, just with a more approachable price range.

Transparency is always a good look. Just a swipe, a couple of clicks and you can strut and grace the streets of London as eloquently and effortlessly as the professional models at London Fashion Week.

*Let Frenzi make you fashion-savvy*

Frenzi deepens the connection between retailers and consumers by creating an interactive relationship with the brands with its personalized and enjoyable mini-games. It gives out a feel of inclusiveness that adds an authentic layer to your shopping and fashion game.

Let Frenzi help you have a more interactive and immersive fashion experience, as it allows you to grab attention and catch your moment in the spotlight with your updated personal style, while still maintaining the sanity of your bank accounts.

After all, London city streets are the real runways.


*We see you. You feeling us? Just download Frenzi!*


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*Some of the fashion brands available right now on Frenzi — Become A Shopping Hero*

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