DIGITAL TRENDS: What Frenzi Media gets right

DIGITAL TRENDS: What Frenzi Media gets right

If it’s not trending, is it even real? That’s how our immensely digitalized world works nowadays. It’s about presence and relevance. Whether it’s a trending hashtag on Twitter or a viral challenge or a highly innovative advancement that is a clear snapshot of what the future will look like, it needs to be applicable and it needs to have an immediate connection to people’s interest and the enhancement of their lifestyle, in one way or another.

The communications, advertising and marketing worlds have to deal with this ever-changing and demanding environment of trends on a consistent basis. The expectancy of such a growing and overarching system has become a trend of itself. There’s always something more, something better, something greater, and even if you are not the one that figures out that ‘next big thing’, you need to adapt and readjust as soon as possible to maintain a significant level of relevance and presence, and somehow stand out or raise your hand in a crowded marketplace.

Just like every year, there are projected trends that are expected to dominate the digital world. Everything is being developed at astronomical speeds and just keeping up with only a number of those developments can be key to succeeding.

Let’s break down how Frenzi Media is striving to maintain itself as part of the digital narrative and conversation.

A vast and powerful digital trend for 2017 is what is known as Omnichannel, which refers to an omniscient and continuous brand experience across multiple platforms. It carries the philosophy that a brand can and should expand beyond a single device. The notion of omnichanneling intends to stress the significance of customers and their needs, and how that needs to be the utmost priority for brands. It’s about easiness and familiarity, and how every digital experience across all platforms and devices should be as engaging, memorable and uniform.

With Frenzi Media’s expansion from the mobile app to our new ad-format, the aim was to think more ‘omni’ by taking into consideration larger audiences and focusing on a broader experience, whether that is in-store or online, while always maintaining the aesthetic and engaging effortlessness that characterizes us. By following the marketing concept of omnichannel, Frenzi Media has concentrated on consistency, personalization and seamlessness as means to offering consumers the greatest real-life brand experience.

Similarly, the continuous trend of raising the customer experience and placing the focus on the consumer remains massively relevant. Frenzi Media has always applied a user-centric philosophy, as it always looks to develop personalized advertising concepts that are as accessible, easy and engaging as possible. Our new ad-format suggestion, such as the widget, has allowed us to dip further into incentivized marketing in order to drive traffic and reach out to broader, targeted audiences. The aim and the biggest digital challenge, however, is to always use these digital tools and concepts to get to know, engage, intrigue and maintain a high loyalty level with users.  

Another trend that is expected to remain pertinent this year is digital interactivity. It’s about participation and engagement, and brands offering new, bold and interesting ways to connect with users. Interactivity has always been a key component for Frenzi’s philosophy and concepts. However, it’s vital to maintain transparency. It’s not just about getting people interested, it’s more about grabbing their full attention. It’s about a fully-developed digitalized experience, with focus on personalization and interactivity that are done and presented in a way that makes audiences participate actively instead of passively. It shouldn’t be something that just happened to occur in the passing, but rather something that carries some kind of gravitas with it. Frenzi Media’s brand bespoke mini-games, surveys, polls and  3D ads are designed with that exact intention; of actively engaging audiences in a memorable moment in time.

A trend that is less-than-surprising that remains as dominant as ever is the brands’ focus on mobile. This one has been around for a while now – in fact, many can’t remember a time without mobile, and others, such as Generation Z, can’t imagine or know a time without one – and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, and why would it? This year we’re anticipating a further mobile boom, where mobile devices will account for 75% of global internet use in 2017, a huge leap from 40% in 2012 and 68% last year.  Marketing is massively shifting towards mobile, and especially in terms of advertising, it is expected to gain massive grounds compared to desktop.

Frenzi Media’s initial and main focus has always been on mobile, as it originated and still also exists as a mobile app. Mobile is the present and the future, and it’s not a market that will slow down any time soon. Having an online presence and content that is friendly, cool, relatable and easily-accessible is a massive key to reaching a broader and wider audience. Along these lines, Frenzi Media has updated its library of ads in an attempt to keep up with consumer’s needs and expectations, and keeps striving to develop content that is presented efficiently on any device and has an appealing aesthetic.

Generally speaking, change is the only constant when it comes to the digital landscape. However, it is crucial to adjust and adapt to the necessary progressions in a smart, seamless and opportunistic way. With so many solutions, tools and answers at our disposal all the time, it’s a huge challenge for brands to take advantage of everything they have and everything they want to add on, to achieve their full potential as successfully and emphatically as possible.

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