Adtech London

Adtech-London, November 29-30

TOMORROW’S TECH TODAY:  November 29-30

Adtech-London has been the UK’s global gathering of marketing and advertising technology players. Over 12 years later, ad:tech still delivers the global advertisers, tech innovators and media powerhouses who fuel the “MADtech” conversation. Adtech is featuring insight from the brand, agency and media intelligentsia, it’ll be charting the emerging paradigm by focusing on the five E’s of modern marketing and media – efficiency, engagement, experience, entertainment and experimentation  – to explore the latest innovations, trends and disruptive forces in marketing and advertising.

Frenzi Media is thrilled to participated and sponsor the event. Discover how you can benefit from the demand for performance media and innovative advertising solutions through Frenzi Media’s ad publishing platform.

If you’re attending Ad Tech London November 29-30th, come and find us at the VIP section or get in touch!

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