Capturing Frenzi’s New Ad Format Experience

Capturing Frenzi’s New Ad Format Experience

Browse, search, enter, scroll. We all do it, we all over-do it, to be fair. We stumble upon things we never knew we wanted or needed, or never even considered might have been an option in the first place. To our endless appetite’s satisfaction and to our bank account’s displeasure, for the most part, we end up giving in to the visual craving and signing up for more than we expected.

Which is not a bad thing, by the way. I’ve never heard anyone complain for having ‘too much’ or wanting ‘some more’ or regretting an instinctive buy. Sometimes, those impulsive and spur of the moment consumptions end up being the most fulfilling.

Picture this. It’s time to start planning your summer holidays. I know, right? So many options, so much disagreement and hassle as to what would be the ideal destination for everyone. Should it be local, should it be sunny, should it be quiet, should be it adventurous? But, let’s face it, the one factor that’s always the deciding one is how pocket-friendly that vacation will be.

So, the browsing and the researching begin. There are boundless of choices for websites, destinations, reviews; the mind boggles. But suddenly, while seamlessly scrolling, something catches your eye in the corner of this one page. It’s fully-customised, fully-embedded within the aesthetic of the website, but there’s still something titillating about it that’s tempting you to want to see more. You click on it, of course you click on it, because in this day and age we are mechanically engineered to feed our curiosity and explore further.

It’s a game. Oh, fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a short escape for some juvenile enjoyment? But, hold on, it’s not just that. It’s a potential for a reward! Remember that budget-worrying holiday you were trying to plan? Well, this could be the easy answer to the question you never thought to ask. Game on, then!

You click some more. The icon expands and so does your interest. The reward that you could potentially be getting is revealed to you and suddenly there’s gravitas to your unendingly vain browsing. There’s investment and there’s excitement not only in winning, but also in relieving a burden off of your shoulders.

Next step, it’s time to play to earn you reward. Stakes are high, but so are your chances. In a matter of seconds, you have the opportunity to engage yourself in a quick and easy mini-game that has the potential of gifting you with a winning attitude and a stress-relieving holiday booking. It’s a win-win situation. Whatever the simplicity of the mini-game you are asked to complete, you are pretty much guaranteed to entertain and reward yourself in a matter of seconds.

Best case scenario: you won. You have that instantly exuberayting feeling of winning that everyone enjoys. You feel pretty good with yourself and you want to tell everyone you know, and why shouldn’t you? You grabbed this unforeseen opportunity that was presented to you and you achieved your goal. You can then go on to add your details and redeem your reward at the time limit you are set. Booking a holiday destination was always a fun experience, but suddenly it became even more thrilling than you expected.

There you have it. The reward is yours to take advantage of for your own benefit, at your own time and convenience. It’s in your email inbox, waiting to be redeemed and enjoyed by you. And you gain some extra family points, just like that.

It’s that simple, accessible and enjoyable. All you have to do is look out for these Frenzi Media’s new ad format opportunities that are awaiting for you on plenty of websites.

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Enter the Widget

Enter the Widget

We have some explaining to do, so let’s get right to it.

We took the last couple of months to rethink, reanalyse and figure out the best way to move forward, all done with the intention of providing the utmost experience for our users.

We informed and educated ourselves on the ever-changing technological and advancing platform of mobile applications, on the forecasted digital trends that are taking over and most importantly, figure out how it can all be integrated to provide the most user-friendly, beneficial and accessible experience for brands and customers, while maintaining the rewarding, innovative and easy elements that define Frenzi Media.

Enter, the Widget.

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A widget comes in many shapes and forms, and what it does is act as a doorway or a shortcut to a larger digital landscape or application. The digital ecosystem has reached a stage where audiences can understand, appreciate and positively respond to its highly responsive and anti-ad blocking nature.

Brands are granted the opportunity of providing consumers with access to additional information at their fingertips. In this ever-changing technological and digital environment, this kind of non-intrusive accessibility and immediacy is a big bonus and an attractive option for brands. With a simple embeddable code, brands have the chance to entice their users with more and more, add extra utility to their websites, provide a fully-customised, eye-catching option, and also expand and update their own user base through the convenience and appeal of the widget.

On the opposite side, at a time of too-much-information and where many things get lost in the massive shuffle of facts & figures or in the unconsciously excessive scrolling, the widget is equally gratifying and useful for the users. It gives them the option of having easy, quick and efficient access to much more as part of their web experience in a completely non-invasive way, but instead, through the visually-engaging, intriguing and interactive widget suggestion.

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In Frenzi’s case, expanding towards the widget ecosystem and seamlessly integrating our brand philosophy and purpose across multiple platforms seemed like a natural progression as part of the continuous omni-channeling trend. It is all about accessibility, adding utility, providing engagement and displaying appealing information at the users’ fingertips across the board, packaged in a visually-friendly and attractive way.

With the widget option, Frenzi Media has had plenty of renewed collaborations, where we were able to build a fully personalised campaign, with gamified content, on the fly, enhance users’ web experience and recombine brands with publishers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to fill in the gaps by further explaining and breaking down the widget option, as well as informing you of our old, new and future collaborations in more depth.